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burned wiringFans - Lighting - Safety Upgrades

Don’t substitute “cheap” for safety. Just because “it works” doesn’t mean it is safe. Safety in the electrical context is primarily dealing with fire hazards and shock hazards. Old wiring, ungrounded outlets, overloaded fuse/breaker panels, DIY methods can have serious consequences. Nordin Electric can evaluate your system and recommend necessary changes.

Standby Generators

Electricity has become an essential part of our lives, yet many commercial suppliers still have problems with storm events and resulting downed power lines etc. Sometimes personal needs such as oxygen machines necessitate a continuous electric supply, or perhaps you are a part-time resident, leaving your house for extended periods of time. Heat, refrigerators, freezers need a continuous supply of electricity. A back-up automatic start generator fueled by propane or natural gas is what is needed. No engines to start, no portable generator to fetch, and no gas needed, just safe, reliable electricity when the utility fails.

Drawing Approvals

State Law may require a licensed Professional Engineer to approve drawings if the new home exceeds certain square footage and amperage levels. Nordin Electric and Engineering Services can provide this service.

Energy Audits

Minimizing electrical energy expenses require proper analysis of existing conditions and related cost saving procedures and devices. Installation and implementation, advising use of and installing various energy saving devices are part of Nordin Electric and Engineeriing Services. Various Data Logging tools, computer analysis and CAD drawings can be used as required.

Panel Upgrades

The 1960’s (an earlier) life styles differ significantly from the present, yet most home electrical systems have not been changed since the home was built. So when appliances such as microwaves, stoves, dryers, are added, circuits are sometimes inadequate or non-existent to meet the need. Electrical panels may not provide the circuits necessary to allow for expansion.

Frequently, a homeowner will purchase a property with an outdated circuit panel. The average home is going to require a minimum of 100 amp service, but it isn't unheard of to see installations of 200 amps and more. 

 Unless the homeowner is knowledgeable in home electrical systems, the installation of a new circuit panel is not really a "DIY" project. Traditionally installation is done by a professionally licensed electrician and only after all local planning permits and approvals are received. 

Nordin Electric will evaluate the situation from utility drop to the panel. Safety issues and expansion needs along with all necessary permits will be handled by Nordin Electric.

Odds and Ends

  1. Golf cart won’t start.
    Solution: Replaced a bad safety switch.
  2. Tractor won’t turn over.
    Solution: Tightened a loose battery cable that was causing high voltage drop at battery terminal and not able to provide the current necessary to start the engine.
  3. Fuses were blowing after DIY light was installed in the bathroom. The old house had a furnace, T.V. and some lighting all on same circuit…and it was cold outside.
    Solution: Rewire and replace the switch.
  4. Commercial facility lost partial lighting and furnace for the complex and its 50+ residents. Backup generator failed.
    Solution: Bypassed the emergency panel until new transfer switch could be installed.
  5. Wife smells something burnt every time she uses a particular receptacle.
    Solution: Wire had come loose on receptacle terminal causing a high resistance contact and burnt wires. Receptacle was replaced and wires tightened.
  6. Gas stove won’t work.
    Solution: Ungrounded circuit wasn’t allowing the stove ignition to work. A grounded circuit was installed.



Nordin Electric and Engineering Services with their extensive background in automation, motor controls and PLC’s can assist with design, drawings and installation of commercial systems, whether the process is potatoes or pellets.


Need to upgrade lighting? Good lighting and electrical efficiency need to work hand-in-hand. Let Nordin Electrical and Engineering evaluate and recommend improvements.

Re-models and New Construction

Perhaps you are a builder and need a quote, or a manager trying to upgrade existing systems with a tight budget. Nordin Electric and Engineering Services can help.

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